Friday, May 6, 2011


As kids we knew that every action had a consequence, as we grew up we had the tendency to learn that lesson the hard way. I recently discovered why you don't buy cheap adhesive. I was showing off one of the many scrapbook albums I have made, to my Aunt after Easter dinner to only discover that whatever I made using the ad-tech adhesive I bought from my local Wal-mart(s) has fallen apart. As many of you know, if you know me well - I am a very oppinionated person who voices what she thinks on a regular basis. Well I sat down and thought about it and I had spendt over $300 on this particular brand of adhesive in either the tape runner or the glue dot variety and now I have to re-do it all. GRRRRRRR!! So I place a call to Ad-Tech directly and they said that I had to put something in writing and document the issue, so I will be doing that as well as take pictures of some of the 1,000's of pages I now have to re-do. I have also put in a call to Wal-Mart Canada and would like this product line to be take off the shelves. I am not looking forward to the hours I have to spend going through and fixing all these pages.

So make this a lesson to everyone - DON'T BUY THE CHEAP ADHESIVE!!

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